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a house is much more than just a collection of rooms. here’s everything that goes into making your house a home.

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      11 tips on how to remove a popcorn ceiling faster and easier

      popcorn ceilings were all the rage back in the '60s and '70s. applying the texture to drywall and plaster ceilings was a quick and easy way to hide imperfections and didn't require any painting afterward. but the rough texture catches lots of dust and cobwebs and it can be difficult to know how to remove popcorn ceiling. it can be a real pain to match if you have cracks or holes in need of patching.
      figuring out how to remove a popcorn ceiling texture from a ceiling is a messy chore but worth the effort if the substrate underneath...

      how to replace an exterior door

      diy techniques for a weathertight exterior door installation

      breaker box safety: how to connect a new circuit

      add a new circuit to your home's wiring

      what to know about bathroom exhaust fans

      a bathroom exhaust fan keeps the bathroom dry and odor-free. models are available that mount in the ceiling, a wall...

      25 hints for fixing roof and gutter issues

      a solid, leak-free roof with good gutters defends your home against the elements. arm yourself with the knowledge to understand...

      how to form and pour a concrete slab

      a pro shows you how to build strong concrete forms, place a solid slab and trowel a smooth finish

      guide to under sink water heaters

      tired of wasting water while you're waiting for it to get hot? waste no more by installing a tank-style or...

      10 amazing before and after kitchen remodels

      from budget-friendly diy to luxurious dream kitchens, these remodels will help inspire your own kitchen makeover!

      clean your toilet seat in your dishwasher? skip this dangerous (and gross) tiktok hack

      tiktok stuns the internet with another cleaning hack. should you put your toilet seat in the dishwasher? experts — and...

      ways to open a can without a can opener

      need to open a can without a can opener? try these handy methods that incorporate common tools around your home,...

      why you should consider open shelving for your kitchen

      pros in the know share their favorite reasons why you should consider an open shelving kitchen.

      the best firewood racks of 2022

      outdoor firewood racks keeps wood off the ground, neatly stacked and ready for the next firepit or fireplace gathering.

      solar panel maintenance guide

      from droughts to blizzards, here's how to keep your residential solar panels performing at their peak.

      what to know about solar batteries

      solar battery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. here's what makes a battery a solar battery.

      what you should know before renovating your kitchen

      learn some of the ins and outs of a kitchen renovation before you tackle the project yourself.

      should i mop my floors with laundry detergent?

      #cleantok is at it again, this time with a new mopping technique. is it worth it? is it safe? we...

      buyer’s guide to ductless range hoods

      if you don't have ductwork in place in your kitchen, a ductless range hood could be an effective option you...

      is laundry stripping worth your time?

      dingy towels getting you down? detergents and fabric softeners weigh down fabrics, too. strip them off with a new tiktok...

      what to know about kitchen cabinet refacing

      if you're tired of looking at your old cabinets but don't want to replace them, cabinet refacing may be the...

      guide to water storage tanks

      water storage tanks are the backbone of a well pump system. they can be metal or plastic, pressurized or not,...

      everything you ever wanted to know about peel and stick wallpaper

      peel-and-stick wallpaper offers an easy, mess-free way to make your walls pop. learn more about this product that's surging in...

      what to know about replacing gas appliances in your home

      from heat pumps to induction stoves, here are the appliances you can install to switch away from gas — and...

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      what to know about interior trim and molding

      from baseboard to crown molding (and chair rail in between), interior trim defines a home's style and serves a practical...

      21 top rated laundry products on amazon

      these top-rated laundry products leave clothes fresher and cleaner than ever—with less effort on your part. if you're still using...

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      best flooring for kitchens

      there's more variety in kitchen flooring than you might think, making it easy to find a durable, water-resistant, attractive option...

      homeowner’s guide to well water testing

      how to initiate well water testing, what contaminants to test for and other safety tips.

      homeowner’s guide to irrigation systems

      you can irrigate your lawn or garden with an automated sprinkler or drip system. sprinklers irrigate more widely, but they...

      put ice in your washing machine (and other hurricane preparedness tips)

      hurricane hacks promise miracles, but which ones really work? we sifted through the most popular so you can focus on...

      what is a cistern water system?

      has your interest in alternative water systems made you ask, what is a cistern? read on to learn about this...

      9 popular home siding colors

      whether you're building, remodeling or just refreshing your home's exterior, consider these popular siding colors experts say their clients love.