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everything you need to know about buying, maintaining and repairing your home appliances.

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    appliance repairs you don’t need to call a pro for

    before you pick up the phone and fork over a bunch of cash to fix your appliances, check out these super-simple repairs you can actually do yourself.

    buyer’s guide to ductless range hoods

    if you don't have ductwork in place in your kitchen, a ductless range hood could be an effective option you...

    what to know about replacing gas appliances in your home

    from heat pumps to induction stoves, here are the appliances you can install to switch away from gas — and...

    put ice in your washing machine (and other hurricane preparedness tips)

    hurricane hacks promise miracles, but which ones really work? we sifted through the most popular so you can focus on...

    what is an electric composter and how does it work?

    electric composters are a recent innovation with a promising future. now you can compost at home in small spaces with...

    how to install a ready-to-assemble range hood

    build this simple diy range hood project by yourself.

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    is it better to stack a washer and dryer or leave them side by side?

    more and more washing machines and dryers can be stacked, but there are some factors to consider before putting one...

    remodel your kitchen with a custom range hood kit that’s easy to diy

    if you're looking for a creative focal point in your upcoming kitchen remodel, try building your own range hood with...

    how to wire a 240v outlet for appliances

    your home's big power draws can't be plugged into a standard outlet. this project shows you how to safely wire...

    how to build an infrared sauna

    get all the benefits of a sauna without the expensive health club membership.

    can this tiktok hack clean a burnt glass stove top?

    this cleaning technique uses two common products you probably have in your pantry. can it really be this easy?

    why is my gas oven not heating up?

    if your gas oven isn't heating properly, you can probably fix it yourself. check your symptoms to see if this...

    how to fix a gas stove that won’t light

    if you've got a gas stove that won't light, we've got three quick-and-easy diy fixes for you to try.

    how to install a window air conditioner

    installing a window air conditioner is an easy way to keep your cool.

    dryer not heating? try replacing this one simple part

    you may be able to fix your dryer without calling a pro. read on to learn how.

    we tried it: lasko all-season high-velocity hybrid fan and heater

    this sleek, potent appliance from lasko does double duty as a fan and heater and is especially handy for in-between...


    according to appliance repair pro scott the fix-it guy, you need to think twice before firing up your oven's self-cleaning...

    one tip for major appliances in your home

    you use these appliances every day, but you've probably never tried these handy tricks.

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    1 minute fix for oven door that doesn’t close all the way

    our appliance repair expert shares one of his favorite fixes. it's quick, easy and requires no tools!

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    slow-filling washer? how to check (and replace) the water fill valve

    if your water inlet screens are clean, it's likely time to replace the water fill valve. you can do it...

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    7 diy fixes for a dryer that’s not drying clothes

    laundry still damp after a run in the dryer? try these seven diy fixes before you schedule a service call.

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    try this simple tip to fix a slow-filling washer

    does your washing machine take a long time to fill? this simple fix could solve the problem in 15 minutes.

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    how to fix a dryer moisture sensor

    when it's set to auto dry, does your dryer keep running for hours? clean your dryer's moisture sensor and your...

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    how to replace an electric stove burner

    if your electric stove burners aren't working, you can fix or replace the heating element in 15 minutes!

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    how to fix a dishwasher that doesn’t dissolve the soap

    if your dishes aren't clean and the soap hasn't dissolved, don't make a service call just yet. here's how to...

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    how to fix a dryer that doesn’t dry clothes

    if your clothes dryer fails to dry clothes, try clearing the dryer vent tube before calling an appliance repair tech.

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    5 minute fix for a dishwasher that won’t drain

    learn how to keep your dishwasher drain line from clogging, and what to do if it does.

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    how to fix a front-loading washing machine that won’t drain

    if your front-loading washer won't drain, something's probably stuck. here's how to diagnose the problem and fix it.