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whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, family handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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    how to build 4 solar-powered path lights

    bollard posts are short, stout posts used around buildings or as roadway dividers. they resemble tree trunks, which are also known as “boles.” this idea presented design possibilities for both woodworking and lighting, which combine in these decorative path lights.

    7 ways to use vinegar in the garden — or not

    gardening pros say that despite oodles of online claims to the contrary, vinegar is not all that effective or useful...

    7 best solar fence lights

    add solar fence lights to brighten up your yard, enhance your landscape and make your outdoor space remind you of...

    8 best window planter boxes

    nothing says "home sweet home" better than window planter boxes. they add a touch of green, splashes of color and...

    5 smart grills that will improve your grilling game

    cook meat to perfection from your phone! control these state-of-the-art smart grills via an app for high-tech grilling.

    i tried amazon’s top rated outdoor composter

    this rotating compost bin makes spinning my garden's favorite treat easier than ever — and it churns out more compost.

    how to grow corn in your backyard garden

    you can successfully grow sweet corn even if you don't have a huge garden or backyard. here's how to do...

    how to grow eggplant

    although used as a vegetable, eggplant is classified as a berry! to learn how to grow eggplant in your garden,...

    10 perennials to add color to your garden

    do you see too much green out the window and desire a more vibrant landscape? these colorful perennials will boost...

    this innovative brush makes cleaning vinyl siding a breeze

    looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your vinyl siding? give the american-made siding brush a try.

    a family handyman approved father’s day gift guide

    struggling to find the right father's day gift for your dad? check out these family handyman approved products any diy...

    10 raised bed garden ideas

    from diy projects to store-bought kits, use these raised bed garden ideas to take your garden to a new height!

    how to grow radishes

    radishes are easy to grow in the spring but did you know there are varieties of radishes you can grow...

    10 tips for making your deck more functional

    if you spend a lot of time out on your deck or patio, these tips are for you!

    10 best compost tumblers

    keep food scraps and plant trimmings out of landfills by using a compost tumbler. let us help you find the...

    10 herb garden ideas

    add delicious, fresh herbs to your meals without running to the store! these herb garden ideas will keep your favorite...

    what is bindweed and how do i get rid of it?

    don't let its dainty-looking flowers fool you — bindweed is noxious, and you don't want it taking over your landscape.

    how to grow cucumbers

    homegrown cucumbers taste much better than store-bought, and they're easy to grow in most gardens. want to know how? keep...

    10 best shade-tolerant ground cover plants

    struggling with what to grow in your yard's shady spots? these 10 ground covers are problem-solvers, and many are natives...

    8 top composite decking brands you should know

    trex may be the original composite decking, but it has lots of competition. choose the best composite decking for you...

    father’s day gift ideas for the outdoor cook

    this year, give your grilling-obsessed dad something you know he'll love with one of these outdoor cooking inspired father's day...

    how to grow beans

    beans are an easy vegetable to grow in a summer garden. they are also fun for kids to grow.


    birding experts kenn and kimberly kaufman explain why birds engage in these behaviors, and what you can do to prevent...

    buyer’s guide to outdoor benches for your backyard

    a properly placed outdoor bench evokes thoughts of pleasant days taking in the sights and sounds — even if you...

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    here’s what to do if your lilacs aren’t flowering

    it's disappointing when a lilac bush doesn't bloom. here's how to evaluate your non-blooming lilac and take steps to ensure...

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    how to clean your charcoal grill

    the secret to a successful cookout is a clean grill. here's how to get your charcoal grill in tip top...

    10 fun outdoor seating ideas for your backyard

    transform your backyard into the perfect relaxing hideaway with these cozy outdoor seating ideas. now all you need is a...

    traeger’s redesigned timberline grill series looks like a gamechanger

    they're not cheap, but the convenience, versatility and consistency of the traeger timberline grills could be worth the investment.

    what the color of your garden soil means

    some soil colors are gardening gold, while others are a bust. here's what your soil color means for gardening success,...

    8 creative floating deck designs

    if you want a deck without the hassle of digging and pouring deep footings, check out these great-looking floating deck...