learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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    affordable garden path ideas

    beautiful (and affordable) diy garden paths that you can build in a weekend, without breaking the bank or your back, to spruce up your yard. here are our favorite walkway ideas for your landscape.

    tips for planting daffodil bulbs

    learn all about the proper timing for buying and planting daffodils, how to plant them so you'll always see blooms,...

    how to care for mums

    mums aren't just for containers. you can grow them in the ground too. and, with a little bit of care,...

    make a tiny oasis in your backyard with the coolaroo shade sail

    here's an easy and inexpensive way to throw some shade in your yard or campsite.

    how to get rid of powdery mildew on plants

    powdery mildew often shows up on plants later in the year. but its presence is nothing to panic about! your...

    tips for planting and caring for daylilies

    make room for daylilies in your garden. they're easy to grow! what's hard about them is choosing which of the...

    does this hack for cloning succulents actually work?

    low-maintenance, cheerful and easy-to-cultivate succulents need lots of light but little else. we tried this tiktok hack with a water...

    10 tips for planting bulbs

    learn how to plant bulbs in the fall so you're sure to enjoy their colorful blooms in the spring. we'll...

    should you prune hydrangeas in the fall?

    it's fall and you're cleaning up your garden. what happens if you don't prune your hydrangeas? let's find out.

    the benefits of using crushed seashells in your soil

    are crushed seashells the answer for improving your garden soil? under the right conditions, they might be just what you...

    10 best pruning shears for easier gardening

    once you get your hands on one of these pruners, you'll never look back.

    can you really use ladybugs to get aphids off your plants?

    we love ladybugs for a good reason. they eat those nasty aphids that are sucking the life out of our...

    10 shrubs that add seasonal color to your garden

    for persistent color in your landscape every year, plant dynamic colorful shrubs that bring interest with their fabulous foliage and...

    here’s a simple hack to stop invasive plants from taking over your garden

    keep spreading plants from choking out the rest of your garden.

    spend more time outdoors with this chemical-free mosquito repellent

    we tried this chemical-free flying insect trap to limit the number of irritating mosquito bites we endured. here's what we...

    help vines grow upward with this viral tiktok hack

    this simple houseplant tiktok hack is blowing up the internet. does it actually work? i tried it out on my...

    7 best fertilizers for houseplants

    houseplants rely on you for the nutrients they need to remain healthy. choose the best fertilizer for your houseplants and...

    here’s what it means if you see white fungus balls in soil

    they pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but should you be concerned? we've got the scoop on those little white...

    what’s the difference between mock and wild strawberry plants?

    yes, there is a difference. and it's actually very interesting.

    how to grow saffron

    growing saffron is as easy as planting a specific crocus bulb in september and harvesting the stigmas a few months...

    guide to greenhouse gardening

    greenhouse gardening involves a lot more than just building a shed and putting plants in it. read on for an...

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    how to make a diy hydroponic garden

    buy a salad, eat for a night. spend a couple of hours on this build and eat salad for life.

    what to know about a subcompact tractor

    with long-running diesel engines and chassis made for chores, tractors are workhorses for any landowner. if you measure your property...

    from the beach to the backyard, take this sunshade everywhere you go

    beat the sun everywhere you go with this family handyman approved portable sunshade.

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    cut through yard work with this stihl cordless pruning saw

    kiss those hand-cramping pruners, shears and loopers goodbye. try this family handyman approved battery operated pruner instead.

    9 inspirational vertical gardens for your home

    do you have a small yard or balcony? look up! vertical gardens can grow all your favorite plants and vegetables...

    what is an agrihood and is it right for you?

    an agrihood is a community with a central farm or garden. established intentionally or spontaneously, it offers easy access to...