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    a family handyman approved father’s day gift guide

    struggling to find the right father's day gift for your dad? check out these family handyman approved products any diy dad would be proud to use.

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro roofer’s essential tools

    a look inside the toolbox of a pro roofer.

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    the eleven percent: meet celia reyes, welder

    welder celia reyes talks about creating, her education and what's in her tool bag.

    building material costs up nearly 20 percent since last year

    residential construction has become really expensive over the last year, and the upward trend in costs worries some homebuilders.

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    the eleven percent: meet maggie rogosienski, electrical apprentice

    maggie rogosienski talks about switching careers, navigating harassment and what's in her tool bag.

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    tear through diy projects with 2022年世界杯中国小组赛积分 approved diablo demo demon saw blade

    if you're planning on adding a window, knocking down a wall or re-roofing your garage, pick up a diablo demo...

    study: homeowner’s remodeling plans undeterred by inflation and shortages

    inflation is cranking up costs and material shortages are delaying projects, but that's not stopping homeowners.

    how much does it cost to restore an historic home?

    from hvac to insurance, our experts discuss some of the common cost pitfalls of restoring old and historic homes.

    old homes: what’s worth restoring?

    from plaster to hvac, here's advice from our experts on how to decide what's worth restoring in your old or...

    what is an architectural historian?

    kristopher king talks about the value of preservation, his pet peeves and some of his alluring discoveries in charleston.

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    the eleven percent: meet sarah lechowich, roofer and ceo

    sarah lechowich talks about running a woman-owned company, the importance of mentorship and what's in her tool bag.

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    these stylish and tough stoggles safety glasses are family handyman approved

    whether you work in the trades or you're a diy enthusiast, safety glasses are an essential tool. recently i picked...

    the construction industry needs more women

    traditionally, women have made up a small fraction of the construction workforce in the united states. that needs to change.

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    give your bathroom a new look with family handyman approved aura bath & spa paint

    remodels can be costly and become drawn out. but if you're looking for a quick way to breath new life...

    6 things an electrician learned after buying her first house

    a professional electrician shares what she's learned about electrical while living in and working on her own home.

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    the eleven percent: meet jess hirsch, carpenter and woodworker

    jess hirsch talks about the joy of working with wood in art and construction, how she uses it to empower...

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    this family handyman approved paint brush makes cutting in easy

    looking for a sleek paint brush that can be used with any paint or stain?  look no further than the...

    the 6 best wipe-on wood finishes

    the ease of application and breathtaking results make wipe-on wood finishes beloved by pro and beginner woodworkers alike. these are...

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    the eleven percent: meet debra hilmerson, jobsite safety pro

    jobsite safety pro deb hilmerson talks about shifting attitudes in the construction world, conserving forests and what's in her tool...

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro cement mason’s essential tools

    a pro cement mason shares a look inside her tool bucket at her go-tos and favorites.

    the eleven percent: spotlight on women in the trades

    this fh series introduces readers to a few of the women who make up 11...

    ftc charges homeadvisor with deceiving contractors

    a recent administrative complaint from the ftc alleges that homeadvisor has been misleading its customers. homeadvisor says the complaint is...

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    the eleven percent: meet the architects of precipitate

    sustainable architects elizabeth turner and abby meuser-herr talk about carbon, the pace of change and finding the right firm.

    marvin windows gives all employees a paid week off

    one of the biggest window manufacturers in the country is shutting down operations for a week to give its employees...

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    the best portable air compressors

    our favorite air compressors for whatever your pneumatic needs may be.

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    the eleven percent: meet tami gallagher, master gardener

    a professional organizer turned master gardener and business owner, tami gallagher talks about pollinators, sweat and what's in her tool...

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro painter’s most essential tools

    a pro painter shares a look inside her toolbox at her favorite painting tools.

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    family handyman approved: dewalt job site table saw

    dewalt has long been associated with great jobsite tools. this saw is no different.

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    the eleven percent: meet andrea harris, cement mason

    fdny's first female cement mason, andrea harris, talks about hard work, manicures and what's in her tool bucket.

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro plumber’s most essential tools

    a long-time plumbing professional shares a look inside her toolbox.