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    an accurate, affordable laser distance measurer that fits in your pocket

    see how this family handyman approved laser measurer measured up.

    construction summer camps introduce girls to the trades

    learning how to use tools empowers girls and sets them up for career success.

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    unclog drains with ease using this power drum auger

    don't waste your money on a plumber. instead try this inexpensive, easy-to-use family handyman approved power drum auger.

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro electrician’s essential tools

    an apprentice electrician shares a look at some of her favorite tools.

    remodel your kitchen with a custom range hood kit that’s easy to diy

    if you're looking for a creative focal point in your upcoming kitchen remodel, try building your own range hood with...

    lumber prices fell 67% in five months — here’s why

    the housing market finally seems to be going back to normal, taking pressure off lumber prices. but will it last?

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    the eleven percent: meet schannon yodice, that tile chick

    schannon yodice talks about finessing complex projects, men behaving poorly on social media and what's in her tool bag.

    the headlamp i never knew i needed

    this top-notch fenix hm65r headlamp showed me the light when i thought my old headlamp was fine.

    this rolling toolbox is the perfect companion for any job

    keep all the tools you need for any job in one place with this family handyman approved rolling tower from...

    here’s why a day in the sun makes you tired

    there's nothing wrong with a little fun in the sun. but if you're wiped out afterward, that's probably...

    5 signs a home has “good bones” according to real estate pros

    your real estate agent says a house you looked at has "good bones," but what does that even mean? we...

    here’s why home builders are down on the housing market

    the housing market is starting to seriously sputter following years of growth. home builders walk us through the warning signs, and...

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    cut through yard work with this stihl cordless pruning saw

    kiss those hand-cramping pruners, shears and loopers goodbye. try this family handyman approved battery operated pruner instead.

    what’s causing surging home sale cancellation rates

    potential homeowners across the country are being priced out of buying new homes.

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    stay shady with this family handyman approved sun shirt

    have some fun in the sun wearing this family handyman approved work shirt with built-in uv protection.

    go the distance: tips on extending the life of your paint using kilz® primers

    there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint — especially one that looks as good on day one as it...

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    the eleven percent: meet mary kehl, handyman apprentice and medic

    mary kehl talks about switching careers later in life, building a house and what's in her tool bag.

    metabo nailed it with this cordless air compressor

    experience the freedom of running air tools without being tied to a wall with this family handyman approved cordless air...

    the lixada blocklight is a small flashlight with lots of power

    let there be light with you everywhere you go with these super-compact and affordable family handyman approved flashlights.

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    the eleven percent: meet melinde madsen, production carpenter

    melinde madsen talks about learning new skills, matching tools with her body type and what's in her tool bag.

    how the construction industry can fill 490,000 open jobs

    recruiting more women and young people to the trades may be the key to shrinking construction's alarming labor gap.

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro woodworker’s essential tools

    a pro woodworker and carpenter shares a look at some of her favorite tools.

    solar power leads latest federal push for clean energy

    the president and his administration are looking to get clean energy initiatives back on track in the u.s. here's how.

    a brush above: not all primers are created equal – here’s what you should look for

    formulated to establish a uniform, even base coat and block stains, as well as ensure your topcoat of paint goes...

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    what to know about polyaspartic garage floor coating

    this floor coating is a durable, versatile option that will make your garage the envy of your neighborhood.

    we tried the worx switchdriver and it really is a time-saver

    sick of the constant switching back and forth between different bits and tips?  us, too. that's why we tried this...

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    the eleven percent: meet bella weinstein, founder of handyma’am goods

    bella weinstein talks about greening the clothing industry, her inventive drapron and what's in her tool bag.

    homeowner’s guide to drywall

    a drywall expert reveals some of his best tips and tricks so you can handle the job like a pro.

    a family handyman approved father’s day gift guide

    struggling to find the right father's day gift for your dad? check out these family handyman approved products any diy...

    what’s in my toolbox? a pro roofer’s essential tools

    a look inside the toolbox of a pro roofer.