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become a better woodworker with these projects, tips and ideas for building furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects.

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    how to build 4 solar-powered path lights

    bollard posts are short, stout posts used around buildings or as roadway dividers. they resemble tree trunks, which are also known as “boles.” this idea presented design possibilities for both woodworking and lighting, which combine in these decorative path lights.

    56 brilliant woodworking tips for beginners

    woodworking is a blast, but it can be intimidating for beginners. luckily, our readers and editors love passing along their...

    how to choose the right sandpaper for wood projects

    a pro woodworker explains what you need to know about sandpaper for wood, so your next project turns out perfectly.

    build a workbench on a budget

    build a simple, strong workbench made entirely from 2x4s. it's inexpensive (less than $100) and takes only about four hours...

    a family handyman approved father’s day gift guide

    struggling to find the right father's day gift for your dad? check out these family handyman approved products any diy...

    7 amazing woodworking projects you can make for your pet

    make your pet happy with these incredible projects ranging from a dog house to a dog bowl.

    tips for drying wood for woodworking projects

    wood moves constantly. remember these tips for how to dry lumber so you don't have to deal with twisted, cracked...

    buyer’s guide to outdoor benches for your backyard

    a properly placed outdoor bench evokes thoughts of pleasant days taking in the sights and sounds — even if you...

    woodworker’s guide to wood routers

    considering adding a router to your wood shop? a professional woodworker shares his knowledge in this router guide for routerless...

    can you make furniture from clothes hangers?

    a recent tiktok hack shows how to construct a table from coat hangers. it's a good start, but the procedure...

    old furniture: what’s worth restoring?

    from wooden chairs to antique upholstery, here's which old furniture is worth the time, effort and cost to restore.

    pros and cons of american-made furniture

    it isn't just patriotic to buy american-made furniture, it's common sense. it can be expensive, but it's some of the...

    8 types of wood wall paneling

    wood wall paneling adds an element of classic style to your home, and it's easier to install than you think.

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    these stylish and tough stoggles safety glasses are family handyman approved

    whether you work in the trades or you're a diy enthusiast, safety glasses are an essential tool. recently i picked...

    10 best places to buy patio furniture

    create your ideal outdoor oasis with these top outdoor shops.

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    does this internet hack for hiding screws really work?

    not sure how to hide ugly wood screws ? we tested this internet hack that claims to solve the problem...

    the 6 best wipe-on wood finishes

    the ease of application and breathtaking results make wipe-on wood finishes beloved by pro and beginner woodworkers alike. these are...

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    woodworking: what to know about walnut wood

    wondering what you should know about walnut wood before your next woodworking project? a pro woodworker shares his insights.

    how to install crown molding on kitchen cabinets

    upgrade your kitchen cabinets with crown molding. we'll show you how.

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    8 best polyurethane finishes for wood

    polyurethane is the main component in modern varnish. choose the best polyurethane finish for your project from these standouts.

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    what to know about hickory wood

    wondering what you should know about hickory before choosing it for a woodworking project? a pro woodworker shares his insights.

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    what to know about poplar wood

    wondering what you should know about poplar wood before using it for a woodworking project? a pro woodworker shares his...

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    family handyman approved: dewalt job site table saw

    dewalt has long been associated with great jobsite tools. this saw is no different.

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    8 best pine wood stains

    got a pine project that needs some stain? learn all about pine wood stain, important considerations when shopping and our...

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    how to make diy wood wall art with power carving

    carve unique wall art with these awesome angle grinder attachments.

    how to plane large boards with a router gantry

    flatten big lumber without big machinery.

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    13 common woodworking materials

    wood terminology can be mystifying. avoid confusion at the lumber yard by familiarizing yourself with these woodworking materials.

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    what to know about pine wood

    wondering what you should know about pine wood before using it for a woodworking project? a pro woodworker gives his...

    how to restore a vintage console stereo

    vintage style, modern sound!

    how to build a spinning bar cabinet

    this round cabinet has shelves that spin to hide, or show what's inside.