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keep the house up to date and in-season with a wide array of home improvement topics and ideas.

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    how to replace a power cord plug

    five dollars and 30 minutes are all it takes to replace a power cord. i fixed my vacuum, but this easy project works for almost any cord in your home.

    12 bedroom cleaning and storage tips

    you spend a lot of hours every day in your bedroom. make sure you're keeping it clean and organized with...

    how to safely transport your sauna

    learn how to disassemble your portable sauna and take it to the next stop.

    8 best shop hand cleaners

    diy projects are fun, but they can also be messy! here's a roundup of some of the best hand cleaners...

    we put this 30-second outdoor cleaner to the test

    spoiler alert: it cleared up gross mildew and old stains off my plastic deck furniture in seconds — just like...

    we tried this multi-tool that stashes on the back of your phone

    a multi-tool that attaches to your phone! we gave this novel idea and all its components a try.

    how to spot a credit card skimmer at gas pumps

    knowing how to identify a gas pump skimmer is the first step in protecting yourself from this common scam.

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    upgrade your garage with this family handyman approved dewalt socket wrench set

    if you're like me and would rather diy your car or small engine maintenance, check out this compact and durable...

    the 10 best outdoor smart home devices — from a tech expert

    from smart pool water monitors to outdoor cameras, these are our favorite outdoor smart home devices that aren't just affordable,...

    this family handyman approved cordless vacuum is a must-have for parents and pet owners

    you know how annoying it is to drag out your full-sized vacuum to deal with every little a sprig of...

    how to replace traditional gaskets with chemical gaskets

    if you can't locate a ready-made pre-cut gasket, chemical gasket makers can easily get you out of a bind.

    6 ways to stop birds from nesting around your home

    it's troublesome and possibly illegal to remove bird nests from your home. it's a better strategy to prevent birds from...

    why is poison hemlock so dangerous?

    poison hemlock is becoming more prolific in parts of the united states. here's how to recognize and get rid of...

    what to know about telescoping ladders

    telescoping ladders provide a portable, easy way to work at modest heights. we'll look at their pros and cons for...

    this multi-plug outlet has 43,000 five-star amazon ratings, so we tried it

    the powrui multi-plug outlet is an easy way to plug in multiple appliances. our tech expert gave it a spin.

    this self-inflating air mattress (with legs) is a game changer

    a self-inflating air mattress ensures a great night's sleep in the great outdoors. and this option has legs!

    chemical sealants are replacing traditional gaskets

    chemical and gasket sealants have replaced many traditional gaskets and seals in our cars and homes. here's what you need...

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    what’s a bladeless ceiling fan and does it really work?

    ever hear of a bladeless ceiling fan?  neither had i.  so we tried one out, and i have to say...

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    bugs, tar and big globs of bird poop are no match for this foaming cleaner

    we all know that familiar splat of a bug hitting your windshield at 70 miles per hour. the next time...

    solar power leads latest federal push for clean energy

    the president and his administration are looking to get clean energy initiatives back on track in the u.s. here's how.

    the kasa smart plug brings your smart home outside

    control outdoor home devices right from your smartphone with this easy-to-use smart plug. automate lights and cameras for less than...

    the 5 best outdoor smart lights

    need to illuminate your backyard or deter would-be burglars? brighten up the night with the best outdoor smart lights.

    try this hack for building an inexpensive glass panel door

    make a glass panel door yourself without breaking the bank.

    homeowner’s guide to castile soap

    from faces to floors, here's how and why to use naturally non-toxic and biodegradable castile soap.

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    how to add a covered entryway to your home

    take your home's basic facade to the next level. add a roof over the entryway.

    the best hot glue guns for diyers

    if you're tired of messy glue from squeeze bottles that takes forever to dry, consider a hot glue gun. they're...

    we tried the worx switchdriver and it really is a time-saver

    sick of the constant switching back and forth between different bits and tips?  us, too. that's why we tried this...

    homeowner’s guide to wolf spiders

    wolf spiders can give quite a fright to homeowners across the u.s., but are they friend or foe? read on...

    the sun joe pressure washer is an amazon favorite

    this mighty green machine removes the toughest dirt, grime and mildew...

    15 genius home improvement items on amazon

    instantly upgrade your space with these beginner-friendly home improvement items on amazon. some don't even require tools!