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decor inspiration to make sure you’re up on the latest home decor trends.

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      how to make a flaming pumpkin

      it's true. you can create your own flaming jack-o'-lantern this halloween.

      7 best kitchen rugs to spruce up your space

      the best kitchen rugs offer function, safety, style and comfort. spruce up your space with one of these top picks!

      this popular picture hanging kit is a must-have for beginner diyers

      never hang a crooked picture again. this easy picture-hanging tool turns even the most novice diyers into art-displaying pros!

      11 furniture mistakes to avoid

      furnish your room like a pro with our expert advice.

      10 modern cabinet hardware options to refresh your room

      this modern cabinet hardware completes the look of your room, whether you're going for modern farmhouse, mid century or minimalist.

      growing and caring for a pothos plant

      a houseplant mainstay for decades, there's nothing to dislike about a hardy and graceful pothos plant. here's how to grow...

      how to take care of succulents

      from ancient medicinal aloe vera to barbed and flowering cacti, here's how to take care of your plump and pretty...

      10 best accent lighting ideas to brighten any space

      these lights are the perfect blend of style and function.

      remodel your kitchen with a custom range hood kit that’s easy to diy

      if you're looking for a creative focal point in your upcoming kitchen remodel, try building your own range hood with...

      8 best sleeper sofas to keep overnight guests comfortable

      if you host house guests often, a sleeper sofa is an absolute must. these are the best options to help...

      7 best fertilizers for houseplants

      houseplants rely on you for the nutrients they need to remain healthy. choose the best fertilizer for your houseplants and...

      everything you need to know about watering houseplants

      with a little know-how, even a rookie can keep the thirstiest houseplants hydrated and happy.

      12 trends in home decor and design

      experts share the hottest design and home decor trends in 2022.

      this self-inflating air mattress (with legs) is a game changer

      a self-inflating air mattress ensures a great night's sleep in the great outdoors. and this option has legs!

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      what’s a bladeless ceiling fan and does it really work?

      ever hear of a bladeless ceiling fan? neither had i. so we tried one out, and i have to say...

      the best hot glue guns for diyers

      if you're tired of messy glue from squeeze bottles that takes forever to dry, consider a hot glue gun. they're...

      how to quarantine plants

      like sick people, sick plants need special care. here's how to quarantine plants, so your collection of greenery stays healthy...

      wayfair furniture sale: 7 incredible deals

      way day 2022 is the perfect time to find huge deals on furniture. here's what's worth shopping for.

      brighten up your space with this family handyman approved peel-and-stick wallpaper

      are you ready for a wallpaper revival? this peel-and-stick wallpaper can give your home the ultimate facelift with little mess.

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      10 plant stands you and your indoor plants will love

      houseplants are having a moment in a big way, and this collection of must-have indoor plant stands celebrates the best...

      how to install crown molding on kitchen cabinets

      upgrade your kitchen cabinets with crown molding. we'll show you how.

      16 best home depot home décor pieces

      these home depot home décor finds are designer-approved and more affordable than you think. here's what you need to know.

      10 best floor lamps for 2022

      choosing a floor lamp is always a bright idea. we found lighting options for every style and budget, with help...

      12 modern table lamps for 2022

      these expert-approved table lamps will instantly upgrade your space.

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      how to make a diy storage ottoman

      build this footstool and gain a perfect place to stow your stuff.

      65 christmas tree ideas that will brighten up your home

      whether you fit into a rustic aesthetic, a modern aesthetic, or somewhere in the middle, we've got the perfect christmas...

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      10 diy thanksgiving decorations

      tis the season for holiday decorations. try these diys to spruce up your home for thanksgiving.

      the 5 best christmas tree fences for every budget

      a christmas tree fence is the most practical and elegant way to keep your tree and ornaments safe.

      9 best wreath hangers for a door or window

      the best wreath hangers never damage doors and always put you in the holiday spirit.

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      tips for making diy christmas garland

      garland adds a festive touch at the holidays, and making your own diy christmas garland is easier than you think!